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INURU stuns with futuristic organic LED packaging

After pioneering practical and transformative light technology for some of the most impressive packaging experiences of the past decade, INURU has brought its innovations to the entire world.

The German startup debuted its new line of paper-thin embeddable light or self-powered organic LEDs (OLED) at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show and received an overwhelming reception at its “Store of the Future” exhibit.

‘Visitors fell in love with our awesomeness,’ said INURU founder and CEO, Marcin Ratajczak, who was personally on hand during CES to gauge interest, where it showcased a variety of realistic applications – in fashion, pharmaceuticals and retail marketing that people could experience in real life.

These applications set people in awe not only with the presence of light in everyday things, but also with the impact INURU can have society. For instance:

  • By creating effective patient interaction with medical packaging, its labels could save thousands of lives every year and contribute to saving around $700 billion for the U.S. healthcare system.
  • Its clothing applications increase safety for children and grown-ups by optimising visibility, both on the streets and at the workplace.
  • Its marketing applications elevate the brand image and optimise product visibility in marketing efforts and at the point of sale.
  • The recent launch of a special anniversary bottle for Champagne CATTIER’s night life product line. This demonstrates INURU’s ability to effectively establish brands in the premium level in a unique and highly distinctive manner.

All of its applications – in any size, material or modality – are created with the same embeddable luminous film (ELF) technology. It is so easy to integrate into products that it reduces the cost of integrating electronics into products by at least 90 percent. INURU’s ELFs condense whole electronic circuitry into thin waterproof and shockproof labels with an ultra-efficient free form light that is powered by a stamp-sized battery producing 3V and 0.5mA at 500CD. The crucial point enabling ELF technology is printed OLED lighting.

It has managed to print light in any shape and size with as much ease as one prints invoices or pictures. It has tested successfully with international brands, including Coca-Cola and Reustle, and now it is partnering with Cattier Champagne to offer eye-popping illuminating bottle labels.

To meet the demand in such new products, the enterprise is building a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Wildau, Germany, which is scheduled to open in mid-2023, will host a high-level automated production line to mass produce OLEDs and the micro-electrical circuitry to power them, as well as integrating both elements into ELF.

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