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Sunny* Futures launches on-demand strategy product to challenge time-based billing

Time is a precious resource. We only have a finite amount of it to utilise each day, but what one does with it, and how we can use it to create increased impact and maximise value is a cause for much debate, especially amongst businesses in which time is the currency traded to generate income.

In an effort to challenge time as the unit measure for value, and be as free flowing with creating value and impact, Sunny Futures has launched the world’s first on-demand strategy product, Sunny* Secret Sauce.

Secret Sauce is a tangible representation of the Sunny* brand, attitude and expertise, built from nearly two decades of strategic leadership and business growth of global, market leading brands, but it’s also a fiery hot sauce packed full of ingredients to get the endorphins flowing.

The premise is simple. By buying Secret Sauce you buy access to Sunny*, to use when you need them. It’s an affordable prepaid, time limited solution that speaks to founders, brand leaders and marketers looking to elevate their brand through high impact strategic advisory or fractional CMO services.

The process drives impact and accountability on both sides – buyers are responsible for making the most of the time they use, and Sunny* is empowered to maximise the energy and value they can create.

Sunny* Founder, Duncan MacLennan says, ‘One of the biggest challenges businesses face, especially SME’s, is access to strategic advice and expertise that can help build sustainable growth.’ He added, ‘The CEO of a business I was consulting referred to me as a secret sauce, because I could quickly help them identify opportunities, package and hand them back to execute. That was the catalyst for an idea to challenge the conventions of the time based billing model, and an experiment to try and make myself more accessible to more businesses, large or small.’

Initially designed for SME’s, Secret Sauce has also attracted the attention of some of South Africa’s leading corporates.

‘What I’ve learnt is that there is a need for objectivity at a bigger business level. Often brands and agencies get embroiled in so much detail day-to-day that they can lose sight of the strategy they’re supposed to be executing. Having an objective voice in the room can help get these plans back on track, or spark new ideas without being perceived as a threat, but as a collaborator,’ he concluded.

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