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Announcing expanded offering Striata South Africa rebrands to Tilte

Founded in a suburban Johannesburg garage in 1999, Striata rapidly grew to become a leader in the digital customer communications space. As technology has accelerated, however, so have the expectations of its clients and customers. Over the past few years, Striata has evolved to meet these demands and began expanding its service offering to cover a lot more than digital communication alone.

As the company looks to achieve its goal of turning disengaged customers into loyal brand advocates, it’s partnered with some of the best global CX technologies in order to bring its clients a holistic set of solutions.

‘Our evolution as a company has been transformative and with our strategy solidified, we felt that a rebrand was warranted,’ says Tilte Managing Director, Brent Haumann. ‘By simplifying, individualising and maximising engagement across the board, we’re making it easy for companies and their customers to engage meaningfully.’

Haumann stresses that the existing Striata technology will remain a key pillar in Tilte’s offering. It will, however, be joined by technologies from several other leading players under the Tilte brand. The new positioning will also enable Tilte to expand its offerings across Africa.

‘Many of our clients already use our products throughout Africa,’ he says. ‘As internet connectivity becomes more affordable and more ubiquitous, digital customer experiences will only become more important. We look forward to helping a growing number of organisations build those experiences.’

The Tilte brand will supersede the Striata brand over the next month.

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