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Pineapple’s new campaign is a no-BS approach to advertising

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve been sure to notice Pineapple’s billboard campaign around Joburg, Pretoria and Cape Town that launched on 1 September. It’s received attention, admiration, some hate and lots of debate on social media platforms LinkedIn and Twitter. But the results already prove the campaign has been a large success.

Pineapple is built differently from other insurance brands. It was built digitally from the ground up and built to be the fairest of them all; a fair price for accurate cover and claims, and a fair system for supporting the community of Pineapple. It’s built the way insurance was always meant to be; a pot of money for a community that uses the pot to pay out if anything goes wrong. And if cash is left over, it doesn’t go to the executive’s pockets or shareholders; it is shared back with the community. Provided customers honour their end of the contract, the business has no incentive not to pay claims. Fair.

And for their first above-the-line campaign, Pineapple and their agency, created the “100% pure insurance, 0% other stuff” campaign. Pineapple gives customers everything they need and nothing they don’t regarding insurance. No gimmicks, no trickery, no BS, just fairness. And their new campaign takes on an apologetic and no BS approach that’s direct, dry and humorous.

There are precisely 90 billboards around Gauteng and the Western Cape, and each one is unique. The goal was to reward the consumer every time they noticed a new site and never repeat the same line twice in the same area.

The creative work is full of self-awareness, leading with ‘What’s left to say about insurance?… [nothing]’ and often apologising to the audience for exposing them to yet another insurance ad. It’s self-deprecating at times, it’s honest, and it’s pure and innocent. Much like the culture, the team and the brand they are so proud to sell.

Nichole, Chief Marketing Officer at Pineapple stated, ‘When crafting our OOH billboard campaign, we could have never anticipated the stir it would generate online. Words cannot describe how grateful we are that people are speaking about Pineapple – posting pictures of OUR billboards on their accounts, creating intimate conversations with THEIR audiences. As a brand, when your traditional media gets taken into the digital space by your audience, you must be doing something right.’

Pineapple has seen more than a 1500% increase in website traffic since the billboard campaign launched and a 100% increase in user-generated content, and with more to come, it’s exciting to see where this brand will go next. The bar has been set.

Said Marnus, Chief Executive Officer at Pineapple, ‘The campaign’s focus was to generate awareness and curiosity around the Pineapple brand. We wanted our brand to get noticed. We believe people perceive brands in the same way they perceive people; it was important for us to show our personality first before we focus on our many USPs. Insurance is a highly competitive space, and I am incredibly proud of this distinct and disruptive work the team has created for our brand. I look forward to building on what we have achieved.’

Pineapple’s billboards, love them or hate them, you’ll be sure to notice and remember them.

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