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Nicole Capper joins Humanz as VP of Sales for Africa

Pharmacist, Communications and Marketing Strategist and public figure, Nicole Capper, has joined Humanz South Africa as its Vice President of Sales for the African market. Capper will be responsible for spearheading the growth efforts of the business to further expand the adoption of its platform by e-commerce sites, marketing agencies and talent managers.

Having obtained her Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Wits in 2006 along with a qualification in Operations Management from UCT in 2017, and Strategic Communications from the University of George Washington in 2021, Capper wanted to pursue new avenues and challenges that would “fill the creative void” in her life. As such, Capper’s professional and personal journey over the years has been diverse and far-reaching.

Her new role on the Humanz team gives her the opportunity to bring the skills and experience she’s honed across a wide spectrum of industries to support the company’s strategic objectives across various markets in Africa.

‘I don’t see myself as a salesperson and this is the greatest value I bring to the table. I see myself as a connector. My greatest skill has always been bringing brands, people and opportunities together to create a synergistic environment for achieving goals and business objectives, whilst ensuring that everyone walks away from an interaction having achieved more value than when they walked in the door,’ says Capper.

Capper began exploring the world of marketing around the same time as her journey with the Mrs South Africa pageant in 2018, successfully bringing a global luxury lifestyle magazine to South Africa. After her many mountain climbs around the world, and claiming runner-up on Survivor S7, she founded her full-service marketing agency. She considers these all as fundamental steps of growth along her journey and considers her wealth of knowledge gained from her agency background a significant advantage.

‘Along the way, doors opened for me in both TV and business. Survivor was just one of these adventures, after which TV presenting work followed. All of this I see as footnotes in my life’s bio that I aim to build upon every day,’ she says. ‘Every step of my journey, whether success or failure, is a valuable ingredient in what makes me who I am.’

As she embarks on her new position at Humanz, Capper has made it her mission to advocate for the safe, efficient landscape that the platform provides not only for content creators but for brands and marketers as well, optimising value for all parties involved.

‘Humanz is a world leader, and the product sells itself. My job is simply to put the right people in front of the platform,’ adds Capper. ‘As for the internal global culture, the team at Humanz has the same common goal of creating a more transparent and rewarding industry for both brands and creators, and it creates a unity that’s not frequently found at many companies. This unity extends to the client partners we engage with, and was an initial attraction for me in joining the team, aside from the prospects of career and personal growth.’

Speaking on the influencer marketing and content creator landscape in South Africa, Capper believes that the country is advancing rapidly, but that it is still behind the curve in many crucial ways – a challenge she says she hopes to address through her new role.

‘I’d like more of our local brands and marketers to start seeing influencer marketing as a serious contender with, and complement to, a lot of above-the-line marketing that doesn’t offer nearly as much traceability and audience engagement, and to change some traditional marketing stereotypes that a lot of our brands still hold on to,’ says Capper. ‘I would like for Humanz to be the primary source of data driving the country’s most impactful and visionary marketing campaigns.’

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