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Meet the South African LinkedIn member

Did you know that LinkedIn has more than 9-million South African members? 51% are based in Gauteng and that its South African members have 58% more Porsches in the home than the average South African internet user?

And there’s more… In the past three to six months more than half have purchased a vacation and one in five has bought a car; a quarter invest in stocks and shares; and 41% actively support or advocate for a particular cause.

‘The data we see confirms our assumptions that SA’s LinkedIn members are affluent and have income to spend on more expensive goods, which demonstrates that the platform should be included in consumer media plans – not only B2B schedules,’ says Marius Greeff, Founder of Turn Left Media (TLM), LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ exclusive partner in Sub-Saharan Africa.

TLM recognised that brands need a resource to help them better understand the South African LinkedIn member. With access to GWI, a leading audience-targeting company providing in-depth consumer insights, TLM has created the first “Meet the South African LinkedIn Member”, a playbook to help marketers understand the local audience. The guide is designed for marketers who want to get to know the local LinkedIn member better and tap into this economically active audience.

GWI’s data is drawn from South Africa’s online internet users – not the entire population. Data is from response waves in Q1 2021 to Q4 2021, and the sample sizes are 6,5k South African online internet users representing a universe of 30,1M. The LinkedIn sample size was 3,2k respondents, representing 49% of the upweighted population.

“Meet the LinkedIn Member” analyses the DNA of South African members – who they are, what they do for leisure, what cars they drive, the sports they play etc. There are fascinating stats regarding the banks they use and investments they make, the vehicles they use, their preferred tech and luxury brands, from the mobile devices they use to the networks they connect with, and of course their business roles and how they do business, as well as their relationship with social media.

‘LinkedIn’s first-party data and insights are incredibly useful when trying to understand business decision makers, but the data that’s available is often global, or at best EMEA driven. With access to credible independent data from GWI, we can now provide deeper insights into our local LinkedIn members,’ explains Greeff.

As far as TLM is aware, this is the first time that the South African LinkedIn member has been unpacked from an independent survey representing SA internet users.

‘When it comes to growing your brand, business and LinkedIn profile, what could be more valuable than understanding what makes LinkedIn members tick?’ asks Greeff.

TLM’s “Meet the LinkedIn Member” will help marketers understand South Africa’s LinkedIn members’ mindsets, lifestyles, aspirations and needs. It’s essentially a relationship cheat sheet to get to know your South African audience far more intimately.

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