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Pffff another BURGER KING® campaign in France

To the question: “Do the French grumble often?” Our foreign friends answer, ‘Yes,’ at a rate of 93%*. What the hell do they know? While it’s true that sometimes we grumble a bit… Well ok, it’s probably justified.

This very French grumpiness is the strategy that BURGER KING® has decided to adopt to highlight its quality approach and all the care that the brand brings to the preparation and the choice of its ingredients. And yes, 75% of their ingredients are already produced by the French agricultural industry.

Through a series of 5 films, BURGER KING® showcases the French ingredients in their menus, ready to be prepared, packaged and eaten. Between the grumbling nuggets, the weary onions, the jaded fries, the drunken bun and the endlessly complaining steaks, there’s no doubt about where they come from.

And you know what? Not content with just being visible via films, BURGER KING® has also decided to highlight its ingredients in the press in the form of 5 photo novels.

From 3 July, the campaign will be shown in cinemas and broadcast on TV and in the press, through Buzzman.

*Survey realised in 2010 by OpinionWay for the Maaf and Métro.

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