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Don’t drop the LGBTQIA+ after pride

Think Pride is over? The fight never stops. Considering the constant threats to LGBTQIA+ rights globally, creative agency Connector by Granite created a WhatsApp tool called Marsha, inviting allies and the community to take action, prevent setbacks and protect LGBTQIA+ rights with a click.

Fighting performative allyship & rainbow-washing

The tool, nicknamed Marsha, was inspired by activist Marsha P. Johnson, who spearheaded the Stonewall uprising in 1969. Marsha also means warlike; an invitation for people to act.

Ivan Adriel, Strategy Director, commented on the platform, ‘Every June, rainbows come out, brands change logos, people support LGBTQIA+ rights online, but the real fight for rights happens all year round, not just in the most accepting month.’

He continued, ‘We wanted to create a platform that gives a practical way to help and engage with topics that matter. Our goal with Marsha is to mobilise people to make a real difference by taking less than a minute a week to support initiatives that can cause change – petitions, donations and much more.’

How the Marsha Tool works 

Marsha is available on WhatsApp. Users can send a message to start the conversation by clicking on this link or texting Hi to +1 (744) 500 2823 on WhatsApp.

The tool messages people once a week, sharing public policies, initiatives and petitions to support the LGBTQIA+ community informing and inviting them to take action. Marsha will help them:

  1. Learn about LGBTQIA+ struggles around the globe;
  2. Receive alerts when important LGBTQIA+ issues are arising;
  3. Participate in preventing setbacks and protecting LGBTQIA+ rights via petitions & fundraising

The tool does not interfere with WhatsApp and it will never share any information from users.

In its first post, Marsha has urged users to join the fight to ban Conversion therapy in Ireland by signing an Anti-Conversion Therapy Coalition (ACTC) petition. As described by the ACTC, Conversion therapy is an inhumane practice, based on the belief that being gay or transgender is something that can “be cured”. Members of the LGBTQIA+ community have suffered trauma and developed serious mental health problems as a result of experiences of conversion therapy, and some have taken their lives as a result of their experiences. Signing this petition is an immediate action you can take in just minutes with Marsha to ensure that conversion therapy, both in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland, is relegated to history.

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