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Primedia Outdoor continues to invest in Digital Out-of-Home with Rank-TV refurbishment project

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) has seen exponential growth in recent years, as advertisers have been opting for the medium as an agile and dynamic communication channel in addition to traditional Out-of-Home (OOH) platforms. As one of the industry leaders and technological forerunners in DOOH, Primedia Outdoor takes its Rank-TV offering to new heights with a refurbishment project at major taxi rank locations across South Africa, by delivering an updated world-class media platform to advertisers wanting to target the commuter market effectively and efficiently.

Rank-TV screens at both Polokwane and Rustenburg main taxi rank have been upgraded to a P8mm with 512 x 384 resolution. In addition, the Rank-TV screens at Nelspruit and Vryheid taxi ranks have been upgraded from a P16mm to a P8mm with 288 x 208 resolution. All Rank-TV screens are furthermore, fully equipped with the latest and advanced technology that delivers premium picture quality for advertisers to their commuter audiences.

Commenting on the Rank-TV refurbishment project is Ravi Naicker, Operations Executive at Primedia Outdoor, ‘We are committed to providing quality infrastructure to our valued clients and continue to invest in upgrading our LED screens across the country to ensure we offer the very best quality in image display.’ In addition, the Outdoor Development Executive of Primedia Outdoor, Derick Mzoneli states that ‘We are proud to be involved with our landlord partners in actively developing communication channels that add value to our advertisers and to commuters. Funds generated by our landlords allow not only for brands to develop but intrinsically have a product that generates income throughout the local value chain of the commuter market.’ 

Rank-TV is Primedia Outdoor’s digital narrowcast TV network strategically positioned to reach the mass commuter market at key taxi rank locations across eight Provinces. The commuter market is South Africa’s single biggest market, comprising approximately 16.3 million people, who use mini bus taxis as a mode of transport during a normal week (ROAD 16/17/18). Taxi ranks provide a conducive environment for brand messaging to be seen by the commuter market and allows sufficient time to fully engage with content as; 53% of commuters spend an average of 25 minutes at a rank and; 88% notice advertising within this environment (Upinion – Mobile Research 2017).

‘The commuter market remains incredibly important to brands and advertisers due to its size and sheer buying power within the South African economy,’ said Peter Lindstrom, Sales Executive at Primedia Outdoor. ‘The refurbishment project of our Rank-TV screens affirms our position as the leaders in connecting brands with the mass commuter market through cutting-edge, digital displays in a captivating environment,’ he added.

Primedia Outdoor offers a wide range of dynamic capabilities across their entire Rank-TV network of 71 digital screens in 18 key taxi rank locations nationally allowing for online and offline collaboration and enhanced multichannel campaigns. Live event broadcasts and omnichannel campaigns such as Social Wall on Rank-TV offer advertisers’ new opportunities to engage with and reach the commuter audience while at the taxi ranks.

Primedia Outdoor is committed to continuously invest and enrich their DOOH offering to ensure they deliver high quality digital opportunities to advertiser and brands. With an increasing demand for more flexible buying options from advertisers, Primedia Outdoor is proud to announce that Rank-TV is now programmatically available to all advertisers.

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