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LoyaltyPlus and Currency Alliance work together to enhance partnership reach for loyalty programmes

LoyaltyPlus, one of the leading independent customer relationship management companies, signed with Currency Alliance, a leader in enabling easy and low-cost partner connectivity in loyalty programmes, to extend the reach for their participating airline partners and enabling points exchange between different loyalty programmes across the LoyaltyPlus client base.

Charles Ehredt, Currency Alliance CEO said, ‘LoyaltyPlus has been recognised as a leader in loyalty solutions for airlines for nearly 20 years. We are very pleased to start such a new collaboration whereby many brands on the Currency Alliance platform will now be able to collaborate with LoyaltyPlus’ clients by issuing, exchanging or redeeming popular loyalty points/miles.’

‘LoyaltyPlus is excited to engage with Currency Alliance in opening a world of new partnership opportunities for the LoyaltyPlus clients. The agreement with Currency Alliance will significantly reduce the effort of bringing new partners onto our existing programmes, whilst also allowing our clients to take part in other well-established ecosystems, thereby extending their reach, earning capability and ultimately their profitability,’ said Len Lubbe, LoyaltyPlus CEO.

Currency Alliance is on a mission to create a Global B2B Loyalty Marketplace, with an extraordinary platform that any company can use to create their own loyalty ecosystems with complementary brands – regardless of size, industry, geographic location and incumbent technology. In other words, to deliver a thin layer of low-cost technology to enable amazing agility.

LoyaltyPlus is an independent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company committed to offering complete client retention through its cutting-edge loyalty programmes and partnerships.

The delivery of the LoyaltyPlus and Currency Alliance collaboration will allow loyalty program members to earn points across many more partners, reach rewards faster and realise greater value from their memberships.

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