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The Brand South Africa Play Your Part Awards opens entries for the last three categories

The final three categories for Brand South Africa’s Play Your Part Awards 2022 are open for nominations.

The ambitious year-long endeavour that began in June 2021, has been an effort to recognise and acknowledge active citizenship in South Africa. This time around, it is calling for nominations on the final three categories: Social Cohesion, Education and Environment.

The programme’s Award for Excellence in Education is looking for movements that are making education more accessible and have made a huge difference for learners living in disadvantaged areas, lacking basic institutional structures. Individuals or groups from education institutions, teams, teachers, or local businesses, who use relevant skills and practices for learning are eligible for this Award.

The Social Cohesion Award is searching for companies, organisations and individuals who have made concerted efforts with communities to improve living conditions in their environments on both micro and macro scale. Social Cohesion is the cornerstone of developing the country’s resources that empower and enable communities to grow and thrive.

The Green Award is targeted at entities who have made strides in environmental conservation and sustainability. The award is designed to provide a valuable platform for all individuals and organisations dedicated to sustainability intelligence, environmental leadership, and innovation in best green practice in the country.

Judges York Zucchi, Firdoze Bulbulia, Paul Modjadji and Yvonne Chaka Chaka have been dedicated to reviewing thousands of entries throughout the year, and are anticipating a large wave of entries for the final categories.

If you know an active citizen or organisation that is eligible for any of the three categories, encourage them to enter the Play Your Part Awards! The entry form is available on the Brand South Africa website:

For more information on how to enter or nominate an initiative, visit the Brand South Africa website today.

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