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Rocket Boy – An inspiring South African Story

Inspiring stories have the power to ignite a flame of hope in our lives that lights up the future. They help us explain our shared experiences of perseverance, triumph and change, and offer meaning and community in darker days. Planned to go into production towards the end of February 2022, Rocket Boy is a story so inspiring it is sure to capture the hearts of the world.

Produced by founder, executive producer and owner of Coal Stove Pictures – Wandile Molebatsi – Rocket Boy follows the uniquely African narrative of an exciting young black scientist Siyabulela Xuza who won The Order of the Baobab. This prestigious presidential award is given for outstanding innovation and distinguished service. The narrative centres around his journey of developing a low-cost form of rocket fuel and the obstacles and victories that he walked through.

‘For me, this film is a celebration of African excellence. We forget that our continent has incredible stories of triumph and joy, and that Africans have achieved remarkable things despite the heartache of some of our histories,’ says Wandile.

It is Wandile’s quest in life to see more stories that shape a positive narrative of Africa like Rocket Boy on our screens. He knows from working in the industry for decades that the talent of African creatives and writers is already internationally renowned.  The key rests in making sure that investors can see our Film & High-End TV sector as bankable.

According to Wandile, if more local stories are to have their time to shine in the limelight there needs to be more buy-in from international investors and an easier way to connect African filmmakers to the international market. A turnkey option of how to secure financiers and finance models need to be made available to producers as ethically grounded in sharing the African narrative.

‘Telling stories like Rocket Boy reminds me that being a South African producer can be such a privilege. One that is tough but absolutely worth it,’ says Wandile.

Covid has had a massive impact on the way filmmaking and production is done in South Africa. While more obvious health and safety issues like budgeting for Covid tests and having Covid medics on set have been publicised, the evolution of the creative process during pre-production in South Africa has not been given credit.

Heads of the Department are learning how to share creative visions and schedules via online platforms, WhatsApp groups have become the new normal, and the lockdowns have taught film crews to respect the set more than ever before and cherish the power of collective collaboration.

‘The industry has changed so much and I think more than anything, we have all learnt that teamwork makes the dream work. I know that is cheesy but the lengths that South African film professionals go through to make sure that projects are a success, continuously makes me grateful for the people on my team. It reminds me that people are beyond essential to achieving any dream,’ says Wandile.

The reality is that the energy and drive in the industry is buzzing and spreading to every corner of the country, not just in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Our local creatives hunger to be problem solvers has increased with the democratisation of access to and power of platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, allowing creators to find refreshing ways to tell their stories.

After a long journey of taking the Rocket Boy project as far afield as Toronto and Cannes, Wandile couldn’t be happier that the film found its home with AAA Entertainment, who have a passion for enabling African content to have an international impact.

Rocket Boy is an amazing opportunity to project a very African narrative of hope and optimism into an international audience currently exposed to a lot of negativity surrounding South Africa. Through this film, and its captivating and transformational story, we showcase the strength of the African stories to shape how audiences around the world perceive our prosperity.

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