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Coach Me If You Can scores on Cartoon Network Africa

Imagine finding out that your favourite international soccer idol is turned into a soccer ball, and his only chance of returning to human form is pairing him up with a naïve preteen who has limited soccer skills. This can only be a recipe for whacky adventures and unstoppable laughter. Coach Me if You Can is Cartoon Network Africa’s new soccer-focused comedy, launching on Monday, 24 January at 17:00 CAT

The story follows a wet behind the ears young soccer fan, Daniel Sissou, and his soccer ball that he never lets out of his sight. Daniel talks to his soccer ball, and everyone thinks he’s gone bonkers – but the big secret is that the ball is actually his idol, Erico Platana, an international soccer star.

Erico Platana is transformed into a soccer ball by a crazy wizard. After refusing to sign his autograph to change back, the egotistical football star is forced to swallow his pride and help Daniel become a professional soccer player. Daniel and Erico’s lives are light years apart but brought together by pure chance. They soon become the best of friends who make every day an adventurous one, turning their small city upside down. The show is all about the value of hard work and an odd friendship that will leave you wanting more.

Cartoon Network understands the African continent’s love affair with soccer. With Coach Me If You Can’s launch, Cartoon Network fans will enjoy the best soccer moments and experiences, resonating with local audiences. Characters like Daniel and Erico will keep young and older viewers entertained for hours on end.

Tune in to watch how things can only get better for a boy, a ball, and two friends in Cartoon Network’s brand-new show, Coach Me If You Can, weekdays from Monday, 24 January 2022 at 17:00 CAT.

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