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Latest RAMS update from the BRC

The Broadcast Research Council of South Africa (BRC) says that the RAMS (Radio Audience Measurement Survey) fieldwork and data processing for quarter two has been completed, but options for the release of the data to the industry are being reviewed.

‘A sample of over 9000 respondents was achieved in Q2 (April/May/June) by means of the newly introduced methodology, CATI-DAR (Day After Recall), by Ipsos,’ says BRC’s CEO, Gary Whitaker. ‘This is a monumental release! The greatest care and examination of the data is now taking place before a firm RAMS release date can be announced.’

The new CATI (Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews) methodology provides audience measurement in 15-minute segments, along with audience tracking on radio events and roadshows. The programme covers 280 stations (commercial, African language and community).

Various scrutiny sessions have already taken place by the BRC’s radio members and radio research committee while an independent assessment, through 3M3A and well-known and respected researcher Professor Ariane Neethling, has been commissioned to ascertain the ideal release date based on individual station sample sizes and weighting efficiencies.

The BRC is expecting a report back during the first week of September.

Fieldwork has continued and the BRC may be able to consider a base release consisting of five months of data namely April through August 2021. This will effectively elevate the total sample size to 15 000 respondents. However, should a station level release not be viable due to an inadequate sample size per station, the committee will consider releasing the data at a total level.

‘Options for release of the new RAMS data are being reviewed and we will keep the industry up to date on the findings of the assessment as well as the way forward,’ concludes Whitaker.

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