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Good Governance Africa “Do Tank” launches new website

The world is littered with research organisations and think tanks offering different perspectives on governance issues. But in the wake of the unrest that swept through South Africa in July 2021, many African citizens are looking for more than information, analysis or debate. They want to act and make a personal contribution to improving governance on the continent.

Good Governance Africa (GGA) launched its new website on the 28th of July to meet this exact need. The website features the objective, academically rigorous research and analysis expected from a leading research organisation, but GGA’s content is also underpinned by a range of products that allow users to shift gears and move from governance theory to practical reality.

‘We think of the new website as a “Do Tank” – as opposed to a traditional “Think Tank”,’ explains Chris Maroleng, Good Governance Africa SADC Executive Director. ‘It’s an online experience that combines academic understanding and access to intellectual resources with products that facilitate different types of direct action from citizens and members of the community.’

Flagship GGA products include, among others, live GGA webinars featuring debates and discussions among leading African thinkers, the Africa Digital Databank (ADD), a repository of world databases that offer users comparative visualisations and analyses and the Governance Coefficient, a tool that explores the relationship between government effectiveness and citizen strength in different countries.

In addition to its extensive range of governance products, insights and services, GGA is also building a community of decision-makers and members of the public who are pledging their commitment to helping the organisation further its objectives.

‘More and more organisations, businesses leader, and ordinary citizens are looking to move beyond the partisan politics that dominates so much of today’s media and civil society discourse,’ says Maroleng. ‘Pledging support to GGA is an excellent alternative that Africans are embracing, because it’s a way to take action to grow governance strength across the continent, without becoming mired in a binary ideological battle.’

The GGA website includes a page where users can sign up to support its “Say yes to Good Governance in Africa!” pledge, firstly by becoming active members of the GGA community.

‘The GGA Pledge reinforces our drive to build a strong African community empowered to take civic action in the real world,’ concludes Maroleng. ‘It’s a crucial part of the “Do Tank” concept, and users are subscribing at a healthy rate. It’s particularly pleasing to see executive-level decision-makers leading the way. Their commitment to improving African governance levels is setting a standard that others are starting to follow.’

Products on the new GGA website include:

 The Africa Digital Databank (ADD) is an integrated repository of multiple world databases that allows users to browse any country for comparative visualisations and analyses across the themes of Economics, Development, and Governance.

The Governance Coefficient prises open the “black box” of governance by exposing the relationship between government effectiveness and citizen strength, two relatively independent measures of governance efficacy.

The Governance Barometer is a geographically visualised repository of news articles covering issues related to the scope of GGA’s research programmes that provides an opportunity for researchers to engage in a more critical assessment of reporting narratives.

The Conflict in Africa Monitor maps the impact of political violence and major threats to human security in crisis hotspots and provides a structured analysis of key trends to inform policymakers.

Africa in Fact is a quarterly journal focusing on issues affecting governance in Africa through high quality journalism and analyses. The journal is available in three digital formats on GGA’s website.

Live GGA Webinars feature debates and discussions among leading African thinkers.

The Africa Governance Papers is a research suite that opens access to peer-reviewed publishing to young African academics.

Intelligence Report is a unique product offering in the risk analysis and intelligence space, aimed at guiding private sector decision-making towards enhancing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance.

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