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Brands join forces for community upliftment

The recently launched, SUP (Superiate Upliftment Program) drives the upliftment of youth and communities in South Africa and encompasses skills and personal development initiatives to those that sign up. The launch phase is to over 500 000 learners in 500 high schools and surrounding households and communities.

The initiative enables brands to give back to communities by sharing skills and products that will enrich lives. All learners at any school, as well as anyone in the community can sign up and gain access to exclusive competitions, rewards, savings, and prizes and educational information about issues such as gender-based violence, femcare and other topical and essential content. In exchange, participating brands will gain valuable market research and insight relevant to their industries.

Brad Stern, Founder of Superiate Marketing, expands: ‘Working with brand partners and the Department of Basic Education, while coming out of Covid and remaining Covid conscious, we asked the question, ‘How can we still have relevant conversations with school learners and their families?’ The objective is for SUP to be the connector between brands and the youth and their communities in aiding learners’ social upliftment and education.  The initial launch to 500 High Schools is through prominently displayed posters and brochures that reach and inform the learners and their parents/guardians of the initiative. Our work with the Department of Basic Education will ensure we drive schools, teachers and learners to benefit and that the program provides upliftment.’

Some big-name brand partners on board giving and rewarding, include:

  • Google – providing development training and education to budding entrepreneurs and SME’s with Free Google Digital Skills Africa training.
  • McDonalds’ McCafe – to educate about sustainability, responsible production, and growing vegetable gardens for communities to benefit from.
  • RSAWeb – providing high-quality internet to learners at schools and to homes; enabling better access to online learning materials and teaching resources.
  • Score Energy – balancing intake with exercise, a healthy mind and body.
  • Yenza – a career and CV development app.
  • Presto and Splashlearn – both educational development software.
  • Scoot – a sim card special offer specific to teachers throughout SA
  • Global Citizen – creating activists for positive change in the world.
  • Give back partners;, Operation Smile, Menstruation Foundation –conversations and information on and critical issues facing the youth; such as gender-based violence, abuse, physical and social media bullying, contraception, period poverty and other meaningful topics.

Stern concludes: ‘While always so, we believe that stimulating learning and future-focused economic activity is much-needed right now in these challenging times. Our vision is that SUP becomes a connector between business and government, where the real benefit goes to the youth and communities. We hope that SUP will leave a lasting mark in the hearts and minds of young people and communities throughout the country.’

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