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This reality was not shown on TV: Six Finnish celebrities compete in an unconventional reality show

This summer, a new reality format was introduced in Finland – for the first time ever – a reality show that was both produced and distributed by the contestants themselves, which was streamed only on social media. Finnish hypermarket, Prisma, wanted to find its first ever “Prismaster” in a competitive show, where six Finnish celebrities competed in Prisma’s in three cities across Finland.

The idea behind Prismaster was to find a unique and creative way to showcase Prisma’s vast assortment of goods and to promote Prisma’s promise “Kaikkea on” (“We have everything”). The contestants had to perform a variety of different tasks that took place in Prisma hypermarkets around Finland. The tasks were fun and lighthearted ways to put Prisma’s selection to the test, as they ranged from pimping shopping carts to inventing with new sports.

‘Prismaster turned out to be an entertaining and enjoyable show. Completing the diverse tasks truly put our assortment of merchandise to the test, but as we knew that something for every situation could be found in Prisma,’ said Minni Jaakola, VP, marketing at Prisma.

Prismaster combined elements from both traditional reality shows and social media entertainment. It tapped into trends of popular reality shows, while enabling Finns to follow the show in real time on the social media pages of the six celebrity contestants, the show’s producers and distributors.

With the show taking place at the end of June, when most Finns were spending their summer holidays at their summer cottages with no TV’s, streaming the show exclusively on social media instead of on TV allowed Prisma to reach a wider audience.

The celebrity contestants’ success was measured, not only by solving Prismaster tasks, but especially by what they, as performers and content creators do best. Namely, each competitor’s performance was tracked on their own Instagram channels, where they streamed live during the tasks. After the tasks were completed, 5-10 minute long compilations were edited and posted on the contestant’s and Prismas social media channels.  

During the challenge, Prisma’s own social media content was viewed over 1.8 million times and the episodes on Prisma’s channels gathered over 212 000 views. The contestants’ content gathered over 2 million views. This allowed Prisma to truly challenge the traditional reality format and shake up viewership habits.

Prismaster was planned and executed together with Prisma’s creative partner TBWA\Helsinki. ‘Prismaster is a great example of a fun and disruptive way to build awareness and engagement around Prisma’s selection. Combining elements from reality shows and social media entertainment proved to be the perfect mix, as we were able to create tremendous hype around the show,’ said Joni Furstenborg, Creative Director, Partner at TBWA\Helsinki.

Prismaster was livestreamed between 30 June and 2 July on the contestants and Prisma’s own social media channels.

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