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Tractor Outdoor launches new platform “The Future of OOH”

Tractor launches webinar and free e-guide on how to leverage new technologies to deliver more impactful DOOH campaigns

International research indicates that one of the biggest stumbling blocks the global digital out of home (DOOH) industry currently faces is a lack of education around the new technologies that exist, which have the potential to massively benefit advertisers through allowing them access to real-time data and insights.

In a collaborative effort to educate the local outdoor industry and its stakeholders on the latest innovations within the DOOH realm, media owner Tractor Outdoor recently hosted a free webinar titled “The Future of OOH”, together with its partners Broadsign, AdMobilize, voodooh and Hivestack.

The webinar, which was hosted on Wednesday 9 June, featured presentations by Joe Cotugno, Senior Vice-President: Operations at Broadsign; Joe Mora, Head of DOOH: EMEA at AdMobilize; Keith Nilsen, founder at voodooh; Romulus Stoian, Global Director: Publisher Solutions at Hivestack; and Tractor’s own Sales Director, Lizelle Mc Connell.

Mc Connell explains that through the Future of OOH webinar – which is the first in a planned series – the media owner aims to create a platform to educate brands, agencies, marketers and media owners on the exciting new technologies that have emerged. ‘These tools have the potential to unlock enormous opportunity for marketers; delivering measurable, dynamic campaigns based on real-time audience data.’

Tractor Outdoor has also created “The DOOH Playbook”, a free how-to guide covering the A-Z of DOOH advertising. ‘The Playbook unpacks a number of pertinent topics, such as “Why DOOH needs to be part of your omni-channel strategy”; “How to create the perfect DOOH media plan”; “How to conceptualise creative content in a way that generates returns”; “How to integrate technology into your campaign planning’ and more”,’ says Mc Connell.

Tractor Outdoor’s Commercial Director Remi du Preez explains that unlocking innovation in order to create impactful campaigns that deliver real results is a key focus of Tractor Outdoor’s business. ‘We constantly seek to identify new technologies and platforms that will allow us to deliver on this goal,’ he began.

‘We pride ourselves on being one of the forerunners in introducing new tools and technologies to the local industry; driving education, but also helping marketers bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and application,’ Remi concludes.

Tractor Outdoor’s free DOOH Playbook can be downloaded here.

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