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GinjaNinjaPR launches a Digital Service offering as demand for social media service increases

GinjaNinjaPR, an 18-year old SME focused communications agency, has launched a bespoke social media service aimed at improving businesses’ use of digital tools, while also introducing it to those who currently don’t have a plan in place to engage digitally. Owner and Managing Director, Samantha Hogg, says that including a digital offering was an organic process as clients started to recognise the importance of social media within a broader communications strategy.

Now more than ever before, PR is a vital but underutilised tool in cutting through the noise to create awareness, build trust and credibility, and add value where it matters most. So, too, is a strong presence on social media. There are approximately 4.021 billion Internet users and 2.958 billion social media users. With nearly half of the world’s population using social media platforms, they’re a natural place to reach new and highly targeted potential customers.

‘Launching a social media offering was a natural extension for GinjaNinjaPR. We develop and manage the majority of the external communications for clients, so extending this to social media was pretty logical. For years, I have had a love-hate relationship with social media, believing intrinsically that it was a tool of PR and not an alternative. It seems that the market is finally coming around to the same opinion, which is when I knew that it was a great opportunity to add more value to my clients, while also having another carrot for my new business drive,’ says Hogg.

What she does love about social media is its ability to humanise a business. This takes PR even further along in terms of story-telling and build integrity and credibility for brands. At its core, a social media strategy is about engaging and not just selling, which is exactly what PR does too.

With a background in design and digital media, Adrien Conradie has joined the GinjaNinjaPR team to head up the social media management division.  For the past 10 years Adrien has navigated the music industry as a marketing consultant and brings an  abundance of creativity and tenacity to the GinjaNinjaPR social media marketing business.

‘I am truly excited to have Adrien onboard. He brings a fresh and unique perspective to the business and suits my ethos of using our unique creativity strategically. This is one of the USPs that sets us apart, we are quirky but clever in almost everything we do. I see Adrien as a natural fit and can’t wait to see what we can do together,’ says Hogg.

‘Having come from an industry surrounded by creatives for the past decade, it’s been a pleasant surprise how easy it has been to integrate into the team. Marketing in the music business is very much about storytelling, creating a story around a person or band, and it’s exciting to see how that experience can be brought out of the world of chords and key changes, and into the world of business and technology.’

Hitting the ground running, as most Ninja’s do, Conradie is already hard at work building social media profiles across a wide selection of clients: ‘The value add of having this service is so important at a time where you need to show how the agency approaches campaigns differently. Having Adrien’s intelligent creativity is such a win for us. I already predict that this time next year, our digital offering will have grown immensely, matching its sister-offering in PR,’ says Hogg.

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