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Lerato Agency wins lucrative advertising opportunity

Lerato Agency were amongst 20 companies who have won media space valued at R175 000 from Tractor Outdoor as part of their 20in21 SME marketing Initiative. This opportunity means that Lerato Agency will be on digital screens and billboards around Johannesburg North.

‘This is a great win for us. We are humbled that Tractor Outdoor has seen the potential in our brand and they have given us the opportunity to share Lerato with more people,’ says Lerato Agency CEO Pat Mahlangu.

Tractor Outdoor launched the initiative in celebration of their 20th Birthday with the aim of giving SMEs with growth potential a boost so they can also reach the 20-year milestone in future. The total value of media exposure offered to the winning SMEs is worth R8million.

‘We saw potential in Lerato as a company that already has a great foundation but just needed a little assistance to unlock more growth potential,’ says Remi du Preez, Commercial Director at Tractor.

Lerato Agency welcomes this as recognition of their hard work and see it as a great opportunity for them to share their vision with the world. As a digital agency that was established during a global pandemic, they view themselves as an example of our nation’s resilient spirit and determination to pursue growth despite difficult circumstances.

Their agency name means “love” in Sesotho, which is why they have poured out their collective effort and passion as a team to craft brands that people love. They look forward to working with more innovate brands that are making an impact across different industries.

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