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Digital Deliverance For The Communications Industry

September 2020 – Long before the pandemic it was clear that the rise of the digital era was reshaping the South African media landscape. Faselis Southern Africa offers a way for PR agencies to embrace the digital revolution and harness the power that cyber solutions hold while offsetting the negative consequences of the pandemic.

The Covid-19 outbreak, combined with the second economic recession in less than a decade, has had a profoundly negative impact on South African PR agencies. Significant losses in revenue due to clients having to pull back on expenditure mean that many agencies were forced into a restructuring process that includes pay-cuts and mass retrenchments.

Faselis South Africa owner Thaamir Moerat explains that “During the Covid-19 pandemic, people’s forced confinement negatively affected the public relations sector as it altered public spending habits. Sectors such as tourism, entertainment, and the food and beverage sector that rely heavily on being highly visible were left with decreased financial resources to continue their marketing and Public relations contracts.

With the rise in popularity of social media channels, digital solutions have proved to be of immense importance for companies during the pandemic because of their potential to lower operational cost and increase efficiency. Faselis Southern Africa offers the communications sector a resourceful way to negotiate the negative impact of restructuring and future-proof agencies.”

Faselis Southern Africa specialises in media databases and press release distribution. The company offers compromised PR agencies access to their national media database and their distribution system to optimise and track media releases. The search algorithms build into the

Faselis interface ensure that only publications and social channels that are relevant for the topic are contacted by the agencies thereby ensuring that the media only receives high-quality, relevant content.

Faselis South Africa is owned by South African entrepreneur Thaamir Moerat and media personality Tracy McGregor.

Since its establishment in 2008, Faselis has enjoyed success in the United States, Netherlands, and Turkey. Recently, Faselis announced a new solution called Faselis Growth. A streamlined solution for SME, start-ups, and individual entrepreneurs to help them communicate with the media in a more elegant manner.

“Around the world, COVID-19 is having a large impact on media supply, consumption, and advertising. Local PR companies have seen an increased demand for content generation. In the new reality for the PR industry and the media sector – it is crucial to utilise the best resources and tool for media campaigns, revaluate internal resources and the allocation thereof, re-look the spend of PR budgets and to revive all content strategies.

As an Entrepreneur I am always looking for innovation and meeting Faselis founder Aydin Sun years ago and bringing Faselis to SA was one of the best decisions Tracy and I have made for the PR industry in South Africa.” Moerat concludes.

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