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Choose small business because your choice matters

This Friday, 4 September, is South Africa’s biggest Small Business day of the year. It is back for the ninth consecutive year and it is brought to you by the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC).  “Small Business Friday is when we celebrate the mainstay of our economy, placing that extra emphasis on mobilising the nation to go big by supporting the small,” says Mike Anderson, NSBC Founder & CEO.

The NSBC salutes, celebrates and continues to fuel the future of small businesses and the mercurial entrepreneurs and families who are at the helm of these businesses. Join us in our quest to mobilise the nation so we can bring real meaning to the Small Business Friday movement and bring about the continued preference and commitment by all to support the small businesses.

Making a small change to where we spend our money can have a huge impact on small businesses and ultimately our community in the long run. What small change can you make available to support your local small businesses? Make a pledge to support the innovators, the job creators, the ones who dare to dream, the hard workers, the big thinkers who aren’t afraid of humble beginnings and the nation builders because your choice matters!

By supporting small businesses, we are creating more jobs, developing local communities and making a meaningful difference in building the nation. Small business is the mainstay of our economy. By supporting local small businesses, we are making a real impact on job creation and alleviating unemployment. Small businesses create more jobs locally. More than two-thirds of the working force work in a small business and by 2030 more than 90% of the working force will work in a small business.


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