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Mickey Llew expands business offering to Australia

Performance marketing and SEO agency, Mickey Llew has expanded its footprint by establishing a branch in Australia to service clients with global reach.

Having recently opened an office in Cape Town, the agency continues to build on its solid portfolio of clients (including leading fast food chains and financial services giants), offering a range of digital marketing services including paid and organic search, Google optimisation, and content strategies.

“Establishing a Mickey Llew offering in Australia is a huge move for us, and one that we’re proud to be able to do in a time where budgets are being cut across the globe due to the global pandemic, despite the fact that internet traffic nearly doubled in March and April, compared to traffic at the beginning of this year,” says David Jenkins, co-founder of Mickey Llew.

“We have built very successful relationships with our local clients and, thanks to the results we achieved and how our approach complements its business model so effectively, we’ve secured the opportunity to engage with their global arms.”

Having confirmed the agency’s operating registration in mid-May, the local team there began work almost immediately, developing a foothold in the Australian market. As with most expansions into foreign territories, the team’s first priority will be to deliver on client requirements and adapting digital marketing strategies while engaging with the right stakeholders on the ground to secure reliable referrals on team members as they build up the Australian office.

“Our staff are our most valuable asset and first priority at Mickey Llew, and as such we place great emphasis on teaming up with the right people who share our vision and work ethic,” says Jenkins.
As for the agency’s approach to the new market, the team plans on expanding into the region much the same way they built the agency in South Africa – by focussing on servicing the right client base, focussing on stable gradual growth, and establishing long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

“Our approach has never been to sign up 100 clients as quickly as possible, but rather to work closely and collaboratively with a select few to ensure we never compromise on delivery the best results,” Jenkins concludes. The Australian clients will, for the time being, be managed from Mickey Llew HQ in Johannesburg in line with the agency’s owner-run, owner-managed approach to business as the team grows to scale.

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