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Taylor Blinds & Shutters podcast on CliffCentral recognised at international awards show

In a year that will see Taylor Blinds and Shutters celebrating its 60 year history, its recent success at the New York Festivals Radio Awards offers yet another reason to celebrate. Created in partnership with CliffCentral, the Blind History Podcast has achieved finalist status at the prestigious international awards show. Competing against strong global competition, with entries from over 30 countries, this is an amazing achievement for both CliffCentral and Taylor.

‘We’re always looking for new ways to reach our target market,’ stated Taylor MD Anthony Mederer. ‘Podcasts are changing the way people consume news and content. We wanted to be as subliminal as possible with our core focus on engaging content, which led to the creation of Blind History. As Gareth Cliff and I both share a passion for history, the podcast was a perfect fit and our enthusiasm was shared by the listener.’

‘Blind History is precisely the kind of content audiences want and we want to make,’ enthused Gareth Cliff. ‘It’s great to have a client that gets podcasting, content creation and the new kinds of digital distribution that have an impact. We’ve attracted not only record downloads, but listeners responded and engaged with us through my show and social media. The only complaint is that the shows were too short!’

Using the podcast medium, Taylor was able to create engaging, honest content that moves away from the traditional hard brand sell to build trust and authenticity with the listener. By focusing on engaging content and choosing the right media partner, their message was laser-focused, reaching the right people and maximising spend through shareable and track-able content with a far longer digital shelf-life. Blind History is the perfect example of two respected brands coming together to deliver a premium quality production that drives value for the listener and helps to build customer relationships.

The podcast series was effectively supported by a quirky digital and social media campaign that teased the intriguing insights to follow. The compelling executions created by creative agency Derrick and marketing consultancy Restless Brands engaged viewers, driving them to each week’s podcast.

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