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i-SENSYS: Printers designed for you, customised by you

Canon has updated its i-SENSYS range to bring user-friendliness and simplicity direct to the office. Eight series. One print solution for any business. High performance, with laser quality printing so you never have to choose between speed and finish again.  We believe printing should be easy. Start as you mean to go on, with out-of-the-box functionality and a 5-inch LCD touchscreen for one-touch control of daily tasks.

We believe your printer should work for you. Display messages, print stored forms, scan to email and copy documents with a single touch. We believe printing should be fuss-free. Change cartridges in seconds without getting toner on your hands. Check toner status to avoid running out unexpectedly. Our smart toner cartridges, with auto-seal removal, make handling a breeze. But that’s not all. We’ve made the usability easy, but personalising is even easier. Our enhanced, easy-to-use Application Library allows effortless customisation of function buttons. Set up takes minutes, with a smartphone-like touchscreen and a full on-screen keyboard for a slicker UI and better operability. The versatile home screen display means you can easily change the order in which application shortcut buttons are displayed. Insert or delete blanks between buttons however you like – you are in control. Whatever your sector: medical, retail or office, you can tailor every printer shortcut for your own specific needs.

We’ve added five new applications to allow you to:
• Automatically name scanned documents and send them to pre-assigned folders
• Enhance the text quality of scanned copy in one touch
• Change the language of the touch screen display in one easy step
• Fax and store a copy of the sent document in a specified location
• Access the Application Library setting guide, remote UI description and user manual link at the simple touch of a button

Simple doesn’t mean security-risk. It means security-first. Our dedication to this is serious, no matter how small your office. When you switch your device on, the new Verify System at Startup function blocks any unauthorised firmware or software being installed and run. So we stop malicious security threats before they can start. Secure PIN printing, Universal Login Manager and uniFLOW compatibility, means document and data protection is end-to-end. No-one can access your documents except you. And when you share documents, you can feel confident it’s happening securely whether you’re on a wired or wireless network.

James de Waal, Head of Marketing, Business Imaging Group, South Africa said, ‘We wanted to give our customers the best of everything. So we’ve designed a range to give you something small, but powerful. Efficient, but fast. Easy-to-use but functional. And fuss-free but secure, so you can rest assured that your printer works for you, not the other way around. Whatever your needs, we’re confident we have the right solution to fit your business.’

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