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The GAPP Magazine Goes to West Africa

The GAPP Magazine has now been launched in the markets of West Africa specifically for members of the printing, packaging and signage industry in the English-speaking countries of West Africa. We have established this magazine to provide these markets with in-depth information on the trends, developments and latest occurrences taking place in the industry you are part of.

The GAPP will feature a generous mix of international news and features covering industry trends and the latest developments, combined with news and features on local installations, launches and events. The GAPP will be a single source of the information pertaining to the industry in those markets giving companies everything in a comprehensive magazine.

Based on The GAPP Southern Africa, The GAPP West Africa will bring the West African markets all the the trends affecting the global market and how they can impact business in their home markets.

As is the case for the Southern African version GAPP Stands for Graphics, Advertising, Print and Packaging and is designed for companies specialising in all sectors of the printing, packaging and signage industry. The slogan of The GAPP is ‘The one brand which covers it all’, as The GAPP is a truly broad-spectrum magazine servicing all sectors of the industry. The GAPP was established nine years ago and serves the markets of the southern African countries surrounding South Africa. The East African version of the magazine was launched three years ago to serve the markets of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Said Vikesh Roopchand, managing director of Sentient Publishing, the publisher and producer of The GAPP, ‘This was the ideal time and opportunity for us to expand into the markets of West Africa. Initially we will focus on Nigeria and Ghana, with the aim of spreading into other neighbouring English-speaking countries in due course. These markets are technologically mature but still have the potential to grow and develop. We believe that through the magazine we can assist printers, packaging and signage manufacturers to develop their businesses to the point where they can be on a par with the very best service providers in this sector around the world.

‘While many other magazines serving the industry endeavour to focus on a specific aspect of the industry, such as packaging or signage, The GAPP sees this as a united and inter-connected industry. This falls in line with the approach taken by many of the world’s leading trade exhibitions such as drupa. Many of the challenges and opportunities are the same in all sectors. In addition, the process of placing an image on a substrate is common or similar. This means that there is a lot of cross-over in terms of capabilities and skills.’

Through the pages of the magazine the aim will be to keep these markets informed, and even educated, on new trends, technologies and processes in order to allow them to benefit from the best practises found around the world. In addition, the case studies of local and international installations will them a grasp pf sound business models on which to base their future acquisitions and investments. They will be able to find solutions which are similar to those they envisage for their companies and which will give them key insights into how they can take their companies to the next level. The GAPP West Africa will initially be produced twice a year. For readers interested in accessing the magazine electronically, you can connect to The GAPP website on This will give you access to all the magazines, as well as additional news.

International research shows that while Africa has its fair share of political uncertainty and even turmoil, it is the continent which is expected to show the highest levels of growth, especially in the packaging sector. This brings with it opportunities for expansion by companies who know the markets – in West Africa – to take advantage of higher than normal expansion rates. This means that you are ideally positioned to play a decisive role in the development of the economy in your home markets.

Vikesh added, ‘While this magazine is designed for the West African markets, using a careful mix of local and international content, and it is compiled in South Africa by our expert team of editorial and production staff. It is initially only available as a digital magazine, however, the aim is to endeavour to introduce a printed version as soon as this is viable.’

The GAPP Southern Africa, The GAPP East Africa and The GAPP West Africa are published and produced by Sentient Publishing, a company with 19 years of experience in the printing, packaging and signage sector. Suppliers are invited to contact us and to send your news items on developments within your company or sector for inclusion in the digital pages of the magazine. If you would like to subscribe to the magazine and to receive our regular electronic newsletter, or if you would like to advertise or submit editorial for consideration you can send us an e-mail to or contact us on +27 11 475 5095.

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