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PEAR builds on media analysis innovation

Media monitoring, research, and analysis firm Professional Evaluation and Research (PEAR) has expanded on its internationally published analysis methodology with the introduction of two exciting new qualitative measures in the media analysis space – media landscape points (MLS) and net reputation score (NRS). Using various metrics (including reach, audience, circulation, opportunity to see, potential influence of the medium, and advertising rates), MLS ranks print, broadcast, and online media on an even keel by attributing a score from 1 to 100 to each source.

This ensures all media types are analysed on an equal footing and compared accordingly. This moves beyond traditional analysis that only compares print with print, broadcast with broadcast, and online with online. Now, using this points system, all media types can be benchmarked against each other. This, when used in conjunction with PEAR’s innovative media presence index, provides communication specialists with a tool to understand the media landscape holistically and adapt tiering accordingly.

For its part, NRS looks at traditional net effect and net sentiment methodologies and incorporates PEAR’s SWOT analysis approach to brand measurement. This provides a more qualitative percentage scoring system. With this score, brands can compare themselves not only with direct competitors and industry brands, but with any brand or industry based on the potential reputational effect of that brand or industry. Benchmarking becomes easier than ever.

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