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The next level of marketing is here!

Over the past decade there has been significant advances in the advertising and marketing fields. A first in South Africa, Kirsty Dugmore of SugaSpice will be hosting a ‘Modern Marketing Bootcamp’ to bring together the principles of Evidence-Based thinking in a useful and inspiring workshop. ‘Marketing has certainly come a very long way over the past decade,’ stated Chief Growth Officer for SugaSpice, Kirsty Dugmore. ‘This has been largely due to the application of advanced research techniques that are grounded in scientific methodologies and the integration of science-based disciplines into the marketing fields.’

The concepts of Behavioural Economics, Observed Consumer Behaviour and Neuro-marketing are enough to make any marketer head for the hills out of the sheer fear of not knowing where to begin. The short two-day course will take a closer look at consumer behaviour, why brands matter and the principles for brand growth by bringing together fact-based learnings that draw from the three disciplines of Behavioural Economics, Observed Consumer Behaviour and Neuro-marketing.

The course is a must for anyone in the marketing, advertising, communication and related industries. Each instance of the course is limited to a maximum of 25 delegates in order to assure personal attention and maximised engagement.

Evidence-Based Marketing course
Sierra on Main Hotel, Randburg, Johannesburg
16 – 17 July 2019
10 – 11 September 2019
29 – 30 October 2019

Contact Kirsty Dugmore,; 083 258 8862 for bookings or more information. ‘Globally these practices and principles are being put to good use and applied to marketing strategies,’ concluded Dugmore. ‘To remain relevant and competitive, marketing professionals need to keep up to date with this rapidly developing field.’

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