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New TVC from FCB Joburg drives Debonairs’ Pizza Friendzy promotion

A new television commercial – in 30-second and 20-second formats – from FCB Joburg is driving a Debonairs Pizza promotion that is creating R160 million’s worth of attention, the Debonairs Pizza Friendzy. Dominating all television channels from SABC, ETV and MNET to DSTV and COMEDY CENTRAL, the new TVC was created by FCB Joburg’s team of Creative Director Greg Cameron, Art Director Ole Tshelto and Copywriter Marvin Mpanda off a brief from Debonairs Pizza Marketing Executive Toni Joubert.

‘In this tough economic environment, Debonairs Pizza wants to surprise and delight its customers by instantly rewarding them when they purchase a large pizza during the promotional period and while our stock of 3,3-million rewards – valued at an almost unbelievable R160-million – last,’ Joubert said. Tasked to come up with an ad that not only encourages people to enter, it shows them how easy it is to do so. FCB Joburg linked the promotion to the word ‘popa’, an everyday expression conveying the feeling of winning in life or hitting the jackpot. This translated into the key take-out: ‘Popa every time you go large with Debonairs Pizza Friendzy. The ad was shot in Diepkloof, Soweto, over one day by Director Kit of Darling Films. You can view it at: .

Joubert anticipates reaction from Debonairs Pizza fans will be huge, and that they’ll go out of their way to participate in the Friendzy. ‘From the fans’ point of view, this promotion is the proverbial ‘popa’ that puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face,’ she said. ‘Not only are there 3,3 million individual guaranteed instant rewards ranging from flight vouchers, shopping vouchers, spa vouchers, airtime, data, movie tickets, fashion vouchers or Debonairs Pizza vouchers, there’s the opportunity to win one of the grand prizes such as a TV, car or holiday,’ she continued. ‘While this promotion gives us the opportunity to show our customers our appreciation for their support, it also gives us the chance to add even more excitement and joy into their lives. We are hoping this will start a real frenzy of pizza enjoyment with friends over the next few months.’

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