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Altron’s Altech Radio Holdings rebrands as Altron Nexus

Altech Radio Holdings, a subsidiary of JSE-listed Altron, has rebranded as Altron Nexus. The name change comes in the wake of Altron’s new brand repositioning which unites all its businesses under one brand identity.

‘Our new brand, Altron Nexus, truly resonates with what we do in defining us as an ICT solutions partner that is the connection or link at the crossroads of our customer’s digital journey. We would like customers and partners to see us as innovators and integrators in both the broadband and narrowband space, enabling dynamic growth and transformation by connecting people, businesses, government and cities to a new and smart digital future,’ said Brett Nash, Managing Director of Altron Nexus.

‘Altron Nexus is aligning with our new Altron brand architecture that creates a direct association between Altron and its various businesses, ensuring that we go to market as one, in line with the One Altron strategy,’ said Zipporah Maubane, Altron Group Executive Marketing.

Commenting further on Altron Nexus, Nash said, ‘Previously, as Altech Radio Holdings, our business initially derived its revenue from two way radio communications, now as Altron Nexus, we provide broadband solutions while remaining the largest provider of mission critical public safety solutions in sub-Saharan Africa. As the telecoms service provider of Altron, we are a pioneer in deploying smart city capabilities that improve efficiencies in public service delivery – it is through broadband networks that we are able to ignite township and rural economies, increase access to information through fast internet and bridge the digital divide.’

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