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Nashua’s new campaign to make SA more efficient

The recently-launched Nashua ‘Saving you Time’ campaign that Integrated Brand Services agency Brand inc Creative Group is rolling out in conjunction with Nashua’s internal marketing department, Brand inc’s strategic media partner Tag8 and That’s It Communications has started strongly. After launching at the end of May, the traffic per session on Nashua’s page has more than doubled with the ‘Contact Us’ section of the site ranking as the third most visited page.

‘When we were initially approached by Nashua to come up with a fully-integrated brand campaign that repositioned the company as leading experts in business efficiency with a shift from product to benefit, our instincts told us that the best way to execute a campaign like that would be to adopt a “show, not tell” approach,’ said Chris Heaton, MD of Brand inc.

‘We wanted to go back to Nashua’s iconic pay-off line ‘Saving you time. Saving you money. Putting you first’ and remind Nashua’s target audience what this line means and why it has more relevance it today’s world than it ever had when it was first written over 40 years ago,’ said Heaton.

Together with Tag8 and That’s It, Brand inc built a brand campaign that was focussed on maximising efficiency in both the business world and in people’s personal lives through a series of helpful ‘time-saving tips’ that could save precious hours in the lives of the people who engage with the campaign.

Importantly, the campaign also aligns with Nashua’s focus on becoming a market leader in the field of Managed Document Services (MDS). This is no easy feat for a company that has built a 41-year legacy based around selling office automation devices such as printers, scanners and photocopying machines.

The campaign is being driven almost entirely across digital platforms, all of which point to the ‘Time-Hub’ that has been built where people can take an Efficiency Test to determine how efficient your business or office is, download ‘10 Minute Book’ summaries of the World’s top 20 business books or sign up for a free office assessment.

‘The office assessments are a huge focus for us with this campaign,’ said Heaton. ‘That’s really where we can drive new business for Nashua and is where we will ultimately measure the success of this campaign. To have the numbers on the site jump so significantly after the launch of the campaign and to have such a marked spike in traffice on the ‘Contact Us’ page are good indications that the campaign is delivering the goods, and demonstrates Brand inc’s strategic understanding and abilitiy in the digital space,’ said Heaton.

With the campaign rolling out until September those numbers are sure to increase even more over the coming weeks.
To find out more about Nashua’s ‘Saving You Time’ campaign and to find out how you can start saving time and maximising your efficiency and the efficiency of your business, visit

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