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African Bank embraces the extraordinary

Given that African Bank is not an average bank, it will not treat you like an average client. This is the message that African Bank communicated in their ‘Average Joe’ direct mailer campaign.

‘We designed and had a personalised PocketMedia mailer produced – a world first in terms of the direct mail PocketMedia application –that embraces the extraordinary. It has a concertina-style inner that opens to provide its customers with various messages about the bank and how it can meet the needs of individuals at various stages of their life,’ said African Bank’s Tammy McCrindle, Creative Manager.

The mailer consists of a sealed Z-CARD with a world-first zip strip which is pulled to reveal the contents of the Z-CARD. ‘Full duplex personalisation was done on the cover of each Z-CARD, on 300gsm board, which is also a word-first in terms of our PocketMedia applications,’ said John Davis, Managing Director of PocketMedia Solutions.

‘Applications such as this African Bank mailer push the limits in the print and direct mail industries and are certainly beyond most mailing organisation’s limits in terms of stock weight,’ he added.
‘Based on internal research we could define the five main uses of our products, which we then illustrated by giving them each a persona – the graduate, business man, family man, D.I.Yer and dreamer,’ explained Tammy.

‘We do know you’re not the average graduate. We know that education means a lot to you and your family, it sets you out from the crowd and gives you the edge. Consolidate existing accounts and study further with less stress.’

‘We do know you’re not the average businessman. So here’s to you the go-getter, the man in a sharp suit and briefcase who tackles the boardroom meetings head-on. Now you can crack those business deals over lunch with your new Credit Card.’

‘We do know you’re not an average family man. So here’s to you Dad, through intense soccer matches and stressful math exams we salute you for taking care of your family. When life takes an unexpected turn we’re here for you with our Funeral Cover.’

‘Because you’re not an average D.I.Yer. We know you are the do-it yourself kind of person and we applaud you for your hard crafty work. Remember getting the right insurance for you and your family is vital.’

‘We know you’re not an average dreamer. So here’s to you, the dreamer whose ideas are bigger than the world. Now you can take a Payment Break when you plan that next adventure.’

The creative rationale
‘We wanted a unique concept that would generate awareness around our brand but also our individual products that assist our clients in celebrating important moments in their life,’ explained Tammy.
‘Our team – Jacqueline Le Roux (graphic designer), Brooke Dickens (copywriter) led by Joanne Cowie (Head; Direct Marketing) and myself –worked together to create this exciting direct mail application that not only addressed our individual clients’ needs, but also gave them a new perspective on African Bank and their own lives,’ she added.

The personalised mailers were posted to 66 000 current and potential African Bank clients.

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