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Party Responsibly with Smirnoff and Uber

Over the recent Easter holiday period in South Africa, car crashes resulted in 156 fatalities, with driving under the influence being a major contributor. What’s more, a staggering 913 people were arrested for drunk driving. Although there was 46 per cent decline in fatalities from the 2015 Easter holidays, Transport Minister Dipuo Peters, said, ‘We still have a long way to go.’

To this end, partying responsibly has been made that much easier thanks to Uber’s integration with the Smirnoff Explore the Night App. By simply requesting an Uber on the Smirnoff Explore the Night app, party-goers can be transported to their destination of choice.  Users who request an Uber via the Smirnoff Explore the Night app will receive a unique Uber promo code, valued at R150. By copying the code, the Uber App will launch automatically. To redeem the ride, users simply need to paste the promo code in the Promotions section of the Uber app, which should already be installed on their phones.

Operating times for Smirnoff Explore the Night are between 19h00 and 02h00 on Friday and Saturday nights. Each user will receive a maximum of two promo codes per night.

In addition to using the Explore the Night app, Smirnoff suggests that you party responsibly with these do’s and don’ts:
•Don’t drink on an empty stomach
•Know your limit
•Drink water between alcoholic drinks
•Pace yourself

With these suggestions the party will last longer and you’ll be less likely to become an Easter holiday statistic.

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