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The Integration Evolution

Have you ever imagined a flapjack without syrup? Or a hamburger without ketchup? The same principle applies to a successful marketing campaign, a successful campaign comprises elements from marketing, advertising, public relations and social media. In recent years communication channels have evolved, providing consumers with complete control over their product or service decisions.

This power shift has left marketers with an urgent need for a change in thinking patterns and communication integration. Most companies are seeking the services of specialist agencies including the likes of to assist in providing a strategic, integrated and calculated approach. The most common question being asked is what is an integrated approach and how does it work.

The key to an integrated approach is successfully combining the correct elements of the marketing, PR and social media mix to ensure a flawlessly executed campaign.

Some important considerations Marketing Fanatics suggests when entering the integrated communication arena:

Think holistically
Quit box thinking and start thinking of the bigger picture
Identify opportunities and leverage off these
E.g. Use advertising placements to engage in editorial platforms

Ensure a simultaneous presence
During campaign rollouts place a strategic focus on communication placements ensuring a printed presence is concurrent with an online presence

Be proactive
We operate in a dynamic environment where change is the only constant plan, plan and plan. Never allow your campaign to fall through due to a technical glitch always ensure you have a contingency plan

Seek professional counsel
The communication domain has evolved with the ‘spray and pray’ method a key to failure. Engage the skills and services of specialist marketing and PR agencies with a sound track record. This will guarantee a solid communication foundation with a direct impact on profit margins and reputation reviews.

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