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Loerie Golds all round with Antalis

Joe Shift Public won Gold for the ‘Start Your Day With Paper’ campaign in the Brand Identity and Collateral Design, Direct and Promotional Mail category, while Y&R – for the second consecutive year – was awarded the Antalis Creative Use of Paper Award. The Award, which includes two Apple iPads, is for its Johannesburg Zoo ‘See what comes out in the dark’ campaign.

The Antalis ‘Start Your Day With Paper’ campaign is a superb example of how paper can yield excellent results. Maciek Michalski, Executive Creative Director (ECD) of Shift Joe Public is inspired and delighted with the Gold, saying, ‘It is a beautiful piece of work so we are really pleased.’

The campaign featured the Arjowiggins Range of papers, an environmentally friendly range sourced from responsibly managed forest. ‘We designed 25 unique and bespoke coffee cups showcasing 25 different papers in the Arjowiggins range,’ he explained.

Too often the type of paper for a design is only considered once the design has been completed. ‘The intention of this campaign was to turn that around and draw designers into the world of paper and encourage them to consider the medium right from the outset of the design process. We all like coffee in the morning. People tend to gather around the coffee machine when they get into work. So we thought coffee cups in this paper would be a unique way to expose designers to their properties and finishing,’ said Michalski.

Caroline Coughlan, marketing Manager Antalis, said designers can be inundated with paper samples. ‘Too often these are never reached for again, finding their way into a drawer and out of view of the designer. The goal of this campaign was to connect designers and the Antalis’ range of paper products every day. We were pleased with the campaign, which we believe broke through the clutter and that is why it won a Gold Loerie.’

Coughlan added that the campaign allowed designers to experience the intelligent and tactile action of feeling the cup and reading about the paper in a unique way that allowed them to relate to the paper through all the senses.

David James, marketing & purchasing director at Antalis, said this was a living campaign. ‘The “see”, “touch” and “feel” were important elements of bringing designers closer to the papers they would want to work with. Well done and thank you to all who made this happen – we’re extremely proud of this Gold Loerie.’

Antalis also congratulated Y&R South Africa for winning the Antalis Creative Use of Paper Award for its Johannesburg Zoo ‘See what comes out in the dark’ campaign. Designed to get people to visit the Joburg Zoo at night and view its nocturnal animals, the campaign featured specially designed flyers that were handed out to day visitors.

When the visitors coloured in the flyer with a black marker a nocturnal creature became visible.

‘Most believe all ideas have been done before, but with a little bit thought we can still invent, innovate and inspire the most simple things, even a piece of paper and a pen,’ said Bibi Lötter, group creative director, Y&R, adding, ‘Thank you for the award, we’re incredibly grateful.’

Lötter explained that several months of research and development went into finding the best paper, ink and marker for the flyer. ‘We needed to, somehow, invisibly print the illustration and copy on the card so the flyer had to appear to be a blank card. Similarly, we needed to find the appropriate marker, ensuring that the ink would not smudge, nor colour over the actual lines of the illustration and copy.’

Antalis supplied a Magno Gloss 300gsm paper, which assisted with camouflaging the very thin varnish.

Antalis has been involved in the creative world of visual imaging for over 30 years, and its partnership with Loeries is just one of the many ways through which it demonstrates this support and service to the industry.

Coughlan added the company will continue to show its commitment to the industry through this Award. ‘The Creative Use of Paper Award highlights what can be achieved creatively with paper. It ensures that agencies and their clients see the amazing results that paper can give them. The “See what comes out in the dark” campaign is the perfect example of this as it resulted in night visitor numbers increasing from 550 to 687 per month.’

In conclusion David James stated, ‘Thank you to the Loerie Awards for their support of the paper industry. The world is a changing place, and these are particularly challenging times for paper, therefore, we appreciate and value the exposure the paper world receives through the Loerie Awards.’


CAPTION: Caroline Coughlan, marketing manager Antalis with the Y&R South Africa team who received the Creative Use of Paper Award for its Johannesburg Zoo ‘See what comes out in the dark’ campaign.

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