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Oticon selects PocketMedia as an innovative app for its new product launch

Following Oticon’s successful ‘unlock the power of personalisation’ campaign, which utilised a PocketMedia Solutions’ Unidentified Folding Object (UFO) to encourage its target audiences to enter a competition, the company selected another PocketMedia application, the Pop-Up, to use as an invitation to its Nera product launch.

Oticon, one of the most innovative hearing aid manufacturers in the world with over 100 years’ experience, not only utilised the Pop-Up – an almost flat, rectangular cardboard box that contains a square shape that pops out – as an invite to its new product launch, but also to provide its customers with a sneak preview of its new products.

‘The PocketMedia Pop-Up served a multitude of purposes – the cards were perfectly aligned with our theme, “unfold the power of personalisation”, and the overall product launch campaign,’ said Oticon Marketing Assistant, Johan Henning.

‘The Pop-Up provided the avenue for all of our campaign elements, including building on the success of past product launches and the introduction of our new hearing instruments, Nera. Not only was it a supplement to our electronic invites, but it also formed part of a very unique teaser campaign. It was also a bit of fun, grabbing our clients’ attention in a unique and interesting way,’ he added.

Distributed to clients via Oticon’s sales team, the Pop-Up also included a competition element to encourage clients to RSVP before 5 September to attend the product launch. If they did, they stood in line to win Oticon’s new advanced hearing instruments and the entire range of ConnectLine accessories.

The new Oticon Nera product range will be launched soon.
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