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Milpark Education launches first-ever TV advert

Milpark Education, the private higher education institution, has launched its first-ever television advert, ‘It’s about the world’. The new commercial champions the brand’s new corporate identity and brand platform, Learn to Thrive.

The concept and stories in the advert are inspired by alumni. The advert illustrates three distinct stories, each with its own tale of success achieved through hard work, dedication and hope. The three characters represent distinct archetypes of Milpark and South African students, ranging from the school-leaver studying on campus, to the distance-learning mother wanting more for her and her baby, to the rising executive studying online. The advert seeks to demonstrate the modes and methods of study that set Milpark apart from its competitors, using its innovative modern learning approaches and high-engagement techniques.
Julian van der Westhuizen, CEO of Milpark Education said, ‘I am delighted that our brand, which has become synonymous with excellent business education over the past 20 years, remains committed to enhancing the student experience through innovation and high standards of academic quality.’

‘The advert illustrates what makes the Milpark experience so unique – our commitment to achievement, producing high-quality and socially responsive graduates, ensuring employability, teaching entrepreneurship and making an impact. It’s an exciting time to be at Milpark, and our new advert conveys that in a distinctive and memorable way,’ he continued.

The concept for the advert was created by Milpark Education in partnership with the creative agency, The Jupiter Drawing Room (TJDR) Cape Town and film production house TinToy. Collectively they worked to bring the Learn to Thrive concept to life in the video from TV and cinema to YouTube.

Mark Rawsthorne, Milpark’s Head of Marketing, explained, ‘When we unlocked the platform of Learn to Thrive it became clear that we had unearthed a powerful brand insight. One that spoke not only to the success of Milpark and its alumni but also to the employment situation in South Africa. The stories we heard from our alumni demonstrated that at Milpark we create graduates capable of doing more than just getting a job, but of creating jobs, through a mixture of driving growth for their employers and successful entrepreneurialism.

‘What is clear is that we are offering the skills and knowledge needed to enter the workforce and harness the potential of each student, to the advantage of their family, their peers […,] their world. This is more than just a brand truth, it’s a rallying cry, one that speaks not of merely surviving, but of thriving in our modern world of work.’
Andy Lang, TJDR creative director, said, ‘After looking at the competitors, we realised that Milpark Education was responding to the changing world. We found an institution that was not talking about themselves but about how, through their contemporary educational approach, they were empowering others to be successful and impactful human beings in society. They were sincere in their beliefs and had real stories to be told about graduates who had not only made it for themselves, but who were also making it for others, and giving back.’

The advert were shown on SABC, eTV and DSTV, from 30 October 2017. The advert is 45 seconds in length and is supported by a 15-second cut-down version. There is also a 45-second web-only testimonial featuring Samukeliso Mncube, CEO of Azisa Global and Milpark MBA alumnus. She also features in the 45-second commercial. All new pieces are available on the Milpark Education YouTube channel.

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