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New service offers with drastically streamlined checkout approach

With as many as 67 percent of online shopping baskets being abandoned without purchase and as much as 97 percent when browsing on a mobile phone, Powa Technologies CEO Dan Wagner has vowed to win back these lost sales by radically simplifying the buying process with PowaTag to enable anytime, anywhere purchasing with a single click.

PowaTag allows for instantaneous purchasing through a mobile device by simply scanning an item anywhere from a billboard, shop window, TV screen or a tangible product.

‘E-commerce sites have streamlined significantly to meet the growing level of demand from consumers, but the checkout process is lagging behind, significantly interrupting the retail experience and losing sales,’ comments Dan Wagner, serial entrepreneur and creator of PowaTag.

‘The fact that only a third of online shoppers actually complete online sales from a desktop and almost all drop out on a mobile device demonstrates just how much pressure retailers are under, especially when it comes to mobile commerce.’

Cart abandonment has remained a constant challenge for global ecommerce, with a comprehensive study identifying costs and delays as major factors. The study found that 56 per cent of sales are abandoned due to surprise costs on the checkout, and 29 per cent of shoppers were stopped in their tracks by unexpected requests for registration.

Wagner continued, ‘Online retailers actually face many of the same challenges as bricks and mortar, with growing pressure from customers who want greater levels of control and freedom of access for their purchase. Indeed, while long checkout queues will often see shoppers leave store empty-handed, a delay of even a few minutes at an online checkout can now be a deal-breaker for many consumers.
‘Retailers must develop a united front for their in-store and online strategies and provide the agility and innovation needed to enable customers to buy whenever and wherever they may be, when they are at that critical buying-decision moment.”

As well as fast-tracking the checkout process, the dynamic between business and consumer will also be augmented by PowaTag via the innovative application of Bluetooth beacons. Participating shoppers’ locations and preferred stores, along with previous purchase and search histories will be available to retailers, who can then use that information to provide a more individually tailored service.
310 brands and retailers have already signed as PowaTag partners, including Laura Ashley, Carrefour and Adidas. PowaTag has opened offices in 14 different countries to meet demand.

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