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Grey Africa Stands with Stan

Stand with Stan, is a non-profit organisation created to provide access to prosthetics for amputees that do not have the means to purchase their own, or may have very bad prosthetics which could be doing more harm than good. Stand with Stan is the brainchild of Stan Andrews who was born with a deformed right foot and an under developed leg – which doctors amputated at age seven. The amputation, however, did not deter Stan and with the support of his family he enjoyed a full life that saw him participate in soccer, tennis, table tennis and even athletics.

Stan’s determination and zest for life is contagious and he is a fine example of how the human spirit can overcome disability and achieve life’s goals. This indomitable spirit has led to him climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and successfully participating in the 94.7 cycle challenge.‘We applaud citizens like Stan who remind us that South Africa is “Alive with Possibility” hence our pledge to assist Stan pro-bono with his new CI and website for his brand “Stand with Stan”. The new corporate identity work includes the design of the website, stationary, newsletters, innovative moving billboards, branding and collateral and to also aid with the #StandwithStan social media conversations,’ said Emma Forster, Digital Account Director at Grey Advertising Africa.

‘Grey also conceptualised the ‘Run with Stan’ campaign, which allows athletes to participate in a major sporting event with Stan. How is this done? Not through the actual physical participation in the event – rather if you choose to ‘Run with Stan’ you pledge a donation – participants can then encourage their friends and family to match their donations,’ she added.

‘As part of Grey Africa’s continuous commitment to building South Africa and the continent, this is just another way that we are able to give back to the very people who will take our country forward and give a voice to a sector of the population who often are seen and not heard,’ concluded Emma.

For more information about Stand with Stan please visit

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