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Cape Town recruitment consultancy launches new mobile app

Cape Town-based recruitment agency, Shide Consulting, has launched a new mobile app that focuses on the needs of the recruitment industry in South Africa.

The mobile app, Toggle, allows users to build a simplified, yet professional CV through automated functionality and features, as well as interact with Shide Consulting and its recruitment database. In doing so, Toggle users will eventually be able to tap into a huge market of available vacancies across various industries in South Africa’s major corporate sector.

Shide Consulting CEO, Shirley Morse, said the motivation was driven by their recruitment challenges and the current legislative changes impacting the recruitment industry. This necessitated a need to re-position their company to remain sustainable.
Morse, who heads up the all-female-owned recruitment company, says the obvious choice of attempting to move our business to another level was a mobile app.

‘We also believe this would give us a bit of the edge to tap into some unknown markets and simultaneously “keep more people of the streets”. This will enable immediacy of service, as we are literally at the fingertips of our customers and candidates with real time access to ‘jobs in the market in our sphere of influence. As a natural consequence, we believe this creates a responsiveness only an app provides,’ she shared.

‘The biggest challenge with recruitment in all its forms today is the aspect of time and the quality of resources we present to our clients. What normally takes between two to four months at a time can now be done within a quarter or less of the time. Due to the three-tiered system, everything is done through a seamless process and placements can take place so much faster as the long delays are significantly reduced through the system,’ explained Shirley Morse.

‘This is done by a complex algorithm that does most of the work that an individual or more would have done through endless screening, phone calls, emails etc. As part of our growth strategy, we aim to enhance the system to expand the recruitment opportunities in SA so that recruitment agencies will have access to the system, thus all having their personalised app that feeds them the best and most suitable candidates for job recruitment.’

A brainchild of three Cape Town entrepreneurs, Digital Society provides start-ups and established organisations strategy, design, and development services for innovative iOS and Android mobile and computer applications along with the required server-side solutions and mobile responsive websites. The Digital Society, has developed this unique recruitment mobile app for Shide Consulting, that is set to revolutionise the recruitment sector in the coming months.

According to Chief Technology Officer, Lamont Hoffmeester, Digital Society is excited to have released the bespoke product into the technology market. ‘One of our aims as a business is really to assist in the growth and development of smaller business with huge potential through our capability to create intelligent technology,’ he explained. The mobile app, which launches today, is available for download from The Google Play store. The iOS version will be released shortly.

For Shide Consulting, the mobile app will cater to a market of users in South Africa that it has not previously had access to.

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