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TLC and Hubble partner on dynamic new digital platform in Uber vehicles

Indoor media advertising specialists and Primedia Unlimited subsidiary, TLC, has partnered with Hubble, Uber’s in-vehicle interactive entertainment partner, to sell video content advertising on their platform.

‘TLC has the exclusive rights to sell high viewability video on Hubble’s interactive touch screens in Uber vehicles,’ said Greg Bruwer, TLC’s Managing Director. ‘It’s an ideal platform on which to engage on a one-on-one basis, with tech-savvy, early adopters in the high income market.’

Uber passengers spend 20 minutes on average in the vehicle, own a credit card (in many cases multiple cards) and a smart phone. With nothing to do but engage with content, it’s the ideal immediate call-to-action platform.The fully interactive advertising platform offers high quality video and interactive content in a captive environment with measurable ROI. Content includes documentaries, comedies, neighbourhood insights, news, sport, weather and things to see and do within Johannesburg and Cape Town. Like the traditional media platform on television, commercials are flighted in between standard content without being intrusive.

Statistics have shown the level of engagement on Hubble’s screens to be 75 times higher than traditional digital advertising. Considering that the user is always in control, it virtually guarantees a positive experience from interested passengers.

‘We are extremely excited about this partnership and the initial feedback from the market has been very promising,’ concluded Bruwer.

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