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Yum Yum is Nuts about its New TVC

Yum Yum is Nuts about its New TVC

It is never easy to translate a technical process into fun and engaging content for consumers, but Yum Yum has managed to get it right. The specially designed three-phase-grinding process, which makes Yum Yum Peanut Butter so ‘Melts in your Mouth’ delicious, was recently brought to life in a fun and fantastical way in the brand’s new television commercial.

By combining animation with a small cast of talented local actors, the advert’s producers were able to communicate the reason consumers favour the smooth and creamy taste of Yum Yum, and why it remains one of South Africa’s most loved peanut butter brands.

‘The story of how Yum Yum Peanut Butter gets its “Melts in Your Mouth” taste turned out to be a really interesting and fun angle, which is why we decided to put this at the centre of the new TVC in an innovative way,’ explained The Hardy Boys Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Paton. This was achieved by using a series of characters and processes in the factory, to show South Africa exactly how Yum Yum gets its creamy, smooth and delicious taste.

‘The original brief, to create a surreal world that explains how peanut butter is made, seemed rather daunting at first. After breaking the process down, however, I soon realised that by minimising the shoot and maximising the animation it could be achieved in a unique and engaging way,’ added Wicked Pixels Creative Director, Carl Jeppe.

‘Securing the right talent posed something of a challenge, because making use of the same characters in different scenes meant their performances had to be flawless. The actors which we ultimately selected were fantastic and this made for a really fun shoot,’ added Jeppe.
‘Our focus for Yum Yum is really on the consumer and we have worked hard on gaining a clear understanding of why they love our brand. With this in mind, we believe that we have communicated very strongly and creatively exactly what makes Yum Yum the peanut butter of choice for South African shoppers,’ concluded RCL Foods Marketing Executive, Caroline Penfold.

From superb animation to gumboot dancers, quality controllers, champion boxers and two endearing little boys, the new Yum Yum advert is as much a treat to watch, as it is to indulge in a spoonful of the ‘Melts in Your Mouth’ peanut butter itself. With that said, one thing remains certain – Yum Yum is nuts about its new TVC.

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