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Welcome to Land Rover Country

As brands challenge themselves to become ever more innovative with a growing number of out-of-home sites, the ubiquitous billboard is as blank a canvas as it’s ever been. And car companies are spear-heading the charge with clever creative to stand out from the clutter.

Land Rover’s most recent campaign welcoming motorists to ‘Land Rover Country’ is just one example. While others have opted for gimmicky add-ons to outdoor sites across the country, the iconic British brand went back to its roots – combining the very nature accessible by Land Rover with the distinctive silhouettes of its award-winning vehicles.

‘The simple billboard concepts are in stark contrast to our technologically packed products,’ said Peter Biven, Marketing and Communications Director for Jaguar Land Rover South Africa and sub-Sahara Africa. ‘Land Rovers are engineered with state-of-the art features and technology. But their real purpose comes to life in enabling owners to access the great outdoors.’

The creative reinterprets each Land Rover’s characteristic shape using an aerial view of a herd of animals forming the vehicle’s outline. Zebras storming arid desert form an unmistakable Discovery. So, too do Wildebeest roaming the savannah, while a herd of Red Lechwe resemble a Range Rover Sport in the wetlands.

‘What better way to celebrate Land Rover’s heritage than with something as raw and primal as Africa’s wildlife?’ said Biven. ‘The images became a metaphor for the vehicles’ power, grace and ability to traverse any terrain.’

The outdoor creative has been tactically placed on sites on the outskirts of cities and on routes leading to key local destinations. A clever way of cementing Land Rover’s position as the leading SUV brand in SA, as well as its off-road credentials. And not a glamorous car photo in sight.

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