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RedPoint Global Takes the Stage to Launch Modern Marketing Architecture at DMA 2014

Most of the products that label themselves as ‘marketing cloud’ may look shiny and new, but are really based on any number of comingled architectures developed for a different time. They came to maturity when direct mail was the mainstay and both e-mail and websites were siloed marketing components. That’s why at DMA 2014 in San Diego, RedPoint Global is announced the Modern Marketing Architecture, an architecture designed with current and future omnichannel challenges at its heart.

The Modern Marketing Architecture (MMA) represents a powerful and flexible environment that combines the essential elements for today’s marketer into one cohesive system: seamless access to structured and unstructured data sources combined with real-time analytics and integrated cross-channel campaign management capabilities.

Designed to cut through the complexity associated with today’s data and channel proliferation, the MMA works across all data environments to resolve identity and render a 360° view of the customer. In addition, it incorporates in-flight analytics underpinned by machine learning techniques to instantly adapt to individual customer preferences and automatically provide next-best offers and actions in real-time. The MMA essentially moves the marketer away from segment-driven campaign management to goal-based marketing where algorithms drive highly personalized interactions for each customer that optimize marketing metrics.

‘The Modern Marketing Architecture will allow organisations to work with all data sources residing in any number of databases and easily synchronize customer data across siloed channels,’ commented Dale Renner, CEO of RedPoint Global. ‘By taking a data model-agnostic approach, the Modern Marketing Architecture flexes with the company’s environment for rapid implementation, delivering value faster and lowering the cost of ownership.’

One organisation benefiting from the MMA is public broadcasting powerhouse WGBH Boston. Cate Twohill, WGBH CRM director, spoke at DMA 2014 about how ‘Big Data Helps Keep Downton Abbey Alive for Its Fans.’ She discussed how WGBH is leveraging Big Data and data quality tools to increase revenue and drive down costs through a unified record of customer engagement. WGBH depends on RedPoint’s Convergent Marketing Platform to drive its donour-engagement program.

‘The RedPoint Platform enables our clients to work seamlessly across their structured and unstructured data environments. It’s the only marketing platform that enables users to leverage Big Data performance in Hadoop without having to learn esoteric programming skills,’ said Renner.

RedPoint Global was recently cited as a Leader in Forrester Research, Inc.’s report entitled ‘The Forrester Wave: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Q3 2014.’ The report called out RedPoint’s Convergent Marketing Platform for its strong data capabilities and ranked the company highest amongst all vendors in customer satisfaction and cross-channel integration.

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