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Six ways to win over an investor

How do you get your start up business to stand out in a world full of amazing entrepreneurial ideas? Finding the right people to invest in your start up business is not the easiest thing to do. You might have a lot of competitors who have better ideas to present. They might want to do something which aligns better with investors as well as clearer business plans. Stay away from trying to go with what’s in and popular. Rather focus on matching your business idea with the best suited investor for your company.

Khethi Ngwenya – Managing Director of SchoolMedia and self-made successful entrepreneur shares some tips which can help entrepreneurs sell their business ideas to investors.

Market Size
Market size is important to investors because they want to measure the potential of your business idea. Investors typically invest in businesses that cater to a significantly large target market. The more stable and larger target market your brand has, the stronger your competitive chances when pitching to investors. Ideally, investors look for companies that have the potential to grow quickly. This will show that your company has a strong impact on its target market.

Background Experience
Investors look for entrepreneurs that are experienced in their field. It is also important for these entrepreneurs to have management teams that are known for leadership as well as good performance within the company’s industry. It’s important for entrepreneurs to show commitment and expertise when pitching to investors.

You need to show investors that your products/services are unique enough to make their investing services worthwhile. The products/services that you provide should have features that give you an advantage by distinguishing you from potential competitors.

Confidence is key when presenting a business idea to investors but you don’t want to come off as too aggressive. No one would want to invest in people that don’t seem too sure about what they are presenting. Confident entrepreneurs are most likely to walk away with funding from investors. People with confidence can easily sell their vision. The goal is to present a very positive business idea and appear confident while doing that. However, confidence can ruin your chances of getting an investor interested in your business idea. Besides evaluating your idea, investors are also looking at the kind of person you are.

Timing is very important! The more concise you are, the more effective your pitch will be. Investors value their time. You need to focus on the core components of your pitch because time is of the essence. Be careful not to waste time going on and on about your product/service, investors care more about the money that your product /service will make. Give the investors a clear idea of what your business is all about and get straight to the point.

Make sure that all your admin and books are in order and up to date. Being on top of your book-keeping will show investors that you want to make sure that you spot any problem areas that need to be solved as well as maintain a healthy cash flow and clarity within the business.

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