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Double Up your Add Hope donation for World Hunger Day

In South Africa, more than a quarter of children under nine years old suffer stunted growth as a result of not having sufficient nutrition to enable proper brain and physical development. Further to the R300 million Add Hope has raised over the last 7 years, for this World Hunger Day, on 28th May, Add Hope has launched a Double Up campaign to raise awareness around the plight of the millions of South African children who go to bed hungry every night.

The ‘Add Hope Double Up’ campaign is a plea to each and every South African to double up their Add Hope donations, which will enable Add Hope to double the difference it makes to the lives of the children this initiative feeds. ‘Even though our customers can Add Hope all year round, World Hunger Day is an opportunity to really highlight the cause and increase the impact that we make,’ said Thabisa Mkhwanazi, KFC Africa Marketing Director. ‘The success of Add Hope shows that South Africans want to get involved and that if we all pull together, even the smallest contribution can have a major impact. As more funds are raised, more children can be fed in a sustainable way.’

Add Hope continues to use the power of a simple R2 donation to feed over 100 000 children across the country every day, helping them learn, grow and thrive. David Brown, Managing Director of Joint Aid Management SA (JAM SA), an Add Hope beneficiary organisation, said, ‘At least two million pre-school children go to bed hungry every night in South Africa. Hungry children cannot learn and it’s the responsibility of everyone to combat the growing issue of hunger. We need to get involved at an early stage to make a difference to the future of our country.’

Mkhwanazi said the collaboration between KFC, its beneficiaries and its customers is vital in fighting hunger and the total donated to beneficiary organisations increases every year. ‘KFC also contributes towards Add Hope. Of the R56 million raised in 2015, our customers donated R32.7 million and KFC contributed R23.3 million. It’s only by doing this that we can have a greater impact and make a fundamental difference to the lives of millions of children in the country. Let’s unite to tackle this major issue, head on. Double Up your R2 donation – and double the difference it makes.’

‘We’re also excited that a number of prominent South Africans are putting their voices and influence behind the Add Hope Double Up campaign,’ said Mkhwanazi. ‘It’s so important for us to drive awareness of food security issues in South Africa and to show people how their Add Hope donation really changes lives.’

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