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Shield launches It’s Your Move with Unathi and Janez

Shield has announced the Shield MotionSense It’s Your Move campaign by challenging South African personalities Unathi Msengana and Janez Vermeiren to out move each other in their daily activities. The eight-week campaign followed the launch of Shield MotionSense – the world’s first anti-perspirant with unique microcapsules that is activated by movement – and will see the two busy-body personalities battling it out to prove who moves more and who is better protected the more they move.

‘We want people to be aware of just how much they move in their daily lives – from getting your child ready in the mornings to walking the dog, running between meetings or working out,’ said Bakani Ntaisi, Brand Manager at Unilever. ‘Unathi and Janez are both confident and always on the move, either for work or with family and friends, making them the perfect pair to challenge each other and try to out move one another.’ The pair will monitor and record how much they move doing their daily activities, enticing people to monitor their own movements. Unathi and Janez will then challenge each other to their personal favourite extreme movement activities, such as having to perform a dance routine or motor racing.

Consumers will be able to nominate challenges for Unathi and Janez to perform via social media using the hashtag #ShieldItsYourMove. The best-nominated challenge will win their nominee the opportunity to do the challenge with either of the ambassadors.

‘Both ambassadors are highly competitive and on the move for majority of the day. It will be interesting to see who moves the most, perhaps giving some insight into the age old question of who moves most, men or women,’ said Ntaisi.

Look out for the hashtag #ShieldItsYourMove and follow @Shield_ZA on Twitter, @Shieldza on Instagram and ShieldZA on Facebook to participate and follow the It’s Your Move campaign.

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