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AFP launches Africa Weekly, a broadcast-ready programme for television and digital platforms

Drawing from its broad network across Africa, AFP is launching a 10-minute programme highlighting Africa’s diversity.

This weekly programme – fully edited and narrated – delivers the continent’s top headlines along with an in-depth main story and original features. 

‘Coverage of African news from every angle has always been a major component of the AFPTV offer,’ commented Marie-Noëlle Vallès, AFP’s Video Director. ‘More than a news round-up, AFRICA WEEKLY explores innovations in business and key development projects, as well as new trends in lifestyle or sports. It will bring a fresh perspective on everyday life in Africa.’ 

Following a summary of the top news of the week, AFRICA WEEKLY provides a selection of AFPTV’s best features from the continent, the main sports news, offbeat stories and a look ahead to upcoming stories.
Available in English and French, the programme is in a fully editable format, enabling clients to translate, revoice or use it as a basis for a news show featuring guests. Other formats specifically adapted to digital platforms are also available. 

‘Video is a strategic priority,’ explained AFP commercial and marketing director Olivier Lombardie. ‘With 10 videos per day, AFP offers the best coverage of African news. By launching AFRICA WEEKLY, we are demonstrating yet again our commitment to creating new and different offers adapted to our clients in every part of the world, notably in Africa where demand for content from the continent is high in a booming audiovisual market.’

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